Become a partner of the Mieszko Academy!

We invite representatives of the public and private sectors to establish cooperation and development of professional competences of
future specialists.

Employer! We have what you are looking for!

Our Students and Graduates successfully join the ranks of both private and public institutions. If you are looking for an ideal job candidate who has a good education, practical skills and professional competence - you are in the right place.

Companies presentation

We invite companies that have a job offer or the possibility of organizing internships to present themselves to our students.

Contact the ANSM Career Office, we will arrange a meeting convenient for both parties. We provide promotion of the meeting and the necessary equipment.

Training and workshops

"If you're not moving forward, you're falling back." Our Students and Graduates are very eager to participate in trainings organized by Employers.

The undoubted advantage of these meetings is the opportunity to establish direct contacts with young specialists and learn about their competences.

Promotion of job offers

We promote our partners' job offers on the ANSM Career Office website and the ANSM Career Office group on Facebook, that the entire academic community of our University can access.

We also place advertising materials of companies on information boards in the building.

Kontakt z Biurem Karier

Where to send job offers?

In order to add a job / internship, please send:

requirements from the candidate, job description, deadline for submitting documents, etc. in PDF format to the following