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Current discounts in tuition fees in the academic year 2021/2022!


rabatu w przypadku jednorazowej opłaty 
za rok 5% -płatne do 20.09
Santander Odział III w Poznaniu
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Opłata administracyjna wynosi 85 zł.

Current scholarships at ANSM

Informacje i dokumenty potrzebne do złożenia wniosku o przyznanie stypendium na rok akademicki 2022/2023 pojawią się w październiku 2022 r.


Please be advised that the Scholarship Committee on October 17-31, 2021 will be accepting applications for the winter semester (October 2020 - February 2021) of the academic year 2021/2022

What kind?

The Scholarship Committee accepts applications for granting for the winter semester 2021/2022:

1. Social scholarship;
2. A scholarship for people with disabilities;
3. Allowance;
4. Rector's scholarship
    a) for outstanding academic results,
    b) for scientific or artistic achievements,
    c) for competitive sport, at least at national level;
    d) for first-year students who in 2020 passed their Matura exams, and at the same time became laureates of the international Olympics or winners or finalists of the Olympiad of the central level or a medalist of at least sports competition for the title of Polish Champion.

How to submit an application?

Applications can be submitted to the relevant Dean's Offices or sent (after being scanned and saved in a pdf file) to the following e-mail address:

For whom?

Years II and above can apply for all types of benefits listed above.

First-year students may apply for the Rector's scholarship for finalists or winners of the international or national Olympics at the central level, as well as for a social scholarship, a scholarship for people with disabilities and allowances (in the event of special life situations).

What conditions?

The average grade which is the basis for submitting an application for all fields of study at ANSM is 4.75, except for the fields of study at the Faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Social and Medical Sciences, where the average grade which is the basis for submitting an application for the Rector's scholarship is 4, 40.

All information on the rules of granting scholarships is provided by the Scholarship Committee and the chairman of the Committee, Krzysztof Kostewicz, MA
61 6460377.

Information for persons applying for granting financial aid:

Limit amounts

If the income per person in your family does not exceed PLN 1,051.70 net, submit an application for a social scholarship along with documents confirming the income.

The average income from work in individual farms per 1 conversion ha in 2019 was PLN 3,244.

Persons submitting an application for social assistance, in addition to the application, submit the following documents, as appropriate:

Certificate from the Tax Office on the amount of income taxed with personal income tax on general terms obtained by the student and family members in the previous tax year.

PIT forms are not accepted!

To the application must be attached

The certificates from the Tax Office do not contain information about the contributions paid for Health Insurance, therefore it is in the interest of the applicant to provide certificates from the social insurance institution about the above-mentioned contributions paid during the period covered by the certificate from the Tax Office

  • Certificate from the Tax Office on the amount of the flat-rate income tax due in the last accounting year,
  • Statement of the student and family members on the amount of net income obtained in the period required to document the application for financial assistance, if the student or his family members settle accounts on the basis of the flat-rate income tax regulations,
  • Statement of the student and family members about the amount obtained in the period required to document the application for other types of non-taxable income (the form includes the catalog of the above-mentioned income),
  • Certificate from the Commune Office on the size of the farm (expressed in conversion ha),
  • Certificate of learning siblings under the age of 25, in the case of younger siblings, birth certificates must be presented,
  • Money orders, money transfers and copies of court judgments documenting the amount of maintenance granted to persons in the family. In the case of receiving alimony lower than adjudicated, photocopies of transfers or transfers should be presented together with a certificate from the bailiff on the total or partial ineffectiveness of the enforcement of the maintenance.

Depending on the situation, the application should also include:

    1. copy of birth certificates of the student's siblings or children,
    2. a certificate from schools confirming the education of siblings (student's child),
    3. copy of parents' death certificates,
    4. copy of copies of the final judgment of the court declaring divorce or separation, and the same documents regarding the student's marriage,
    5. copies of marriage certificates in the case of student marriages

What is Family Income?

It is the sum of the income of family members achieved by:

  • student;
  • the student's spouse;
  • parents, legal or actual guardians of the student;
  • being the dependents of the persons referred to in points 1-3, underage children, children under the age of 26, and, if the 26th year of age falls in the last year of studies, until their completion, and disabled children, regardless of age.

A scholarship for people with disabilities

A student applying for a special scholarship for people with disabilities submits an application for a scholarship along with a certificate of the degree of disability.

To download

All the necessary files (including Scholarship Regulations) can be found in the tab BIP
Kompletność wniosku

Please note that only complete applications will be accepted!
The student is responsible for the correct completion of the application.

Students studying at the ANSM branch in Warsaw, Nowy Tomyśl or Wągrowiec submit scholarship applications at the Dean's Office of the ANSM branch.